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LSST Data Release Processing:
Object Catalog Photometric Redshifts

  • M. L. Graham


The purpose of this document is to begin to assemble the diversity of motivations driving the inclusion of photometric redshifts in the LSST Data Release Object Catalog, and prepare to make a decision on what kind of photo-z products will be used. The roadmap for this process is described in Section [sec:intro]. We consider the photo-z use-cases in order to validate that the type of photo-z incorporated into the DRP catalog, and the format in which it is stored, meets the needs of both DM and the community. We also compile potential evaluation methods for photo-z algorithms, and demonstrate these options by applying them to the photo-z results of two off-the-shelf photo-z estimators. The long-term plan is for this document to develop over time and eventually describe the decision-making process and the details of the selected algorithm(s) and products. Preliminary recommendations can be found in Section [sec:intro].